Indian History


The period of Vakataka Empire was 250-500 A.D.
The founder of Vakataka Empire was Vindhyashakti.
The reign of Vindhyashakti was 250-270 A.D.
The capital of Vakataka Empire was Vatsagulma(today washim city of Maharashtra State).
Vakatakas were the successors of the Satavahanas and contemporaneous with Guptas.
The Vakataka Empire extended from southern edges of Gujarat and Malwa in the north to Tungabhadra river in the south and Arabean Sea in the west to Chattisgarh in the East.
Vindhyashakti was succeded by Pravarasena I (270-330 A.D).
He was the first Vakataka ruler who called himself as Samrat.
After Pravarasena I Vakatakas were divided into four branches.
Two branches are known and 2 are unknown.
The Vakataka Empire came to end in 500 A.D.