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Satavahanas came to power after the downfall of Mauryan Empire.
Satavahanas ruled for al period of 450 years from 234 B.C to 220 A.D.
The first reference about Satavahanas was found in Aitareya Brahmana.
The puranas referred Satavahanas as Andhrajati.
The word 'Andhra' is the name of the race and the word 'Satavahanas' is the name of the dynasty.
Satavahanas declared their independence in 234 B.C.
Satavahanas established an empire for the first time in South India.
Simuka was the founder of Satavahana dynasty.
He was succeeded by his brother Krishna.
Dhanyakatakam(Amaravati), Pratishthana(Paithan) were the capital of Satavahanas.
The last great Satavahana ruler was Yagna Sri Satakarni.
Megasthenes mentioned in his book'Indiaca' that the Andhras had 30 forts and a mighty army.
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