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Pallavas were the feudatories of the Satavahanas before they became independent.
After the downfall of Satavahana Empire Pallavas established independent kingdom.
Simhavishnu was the founder of Pallava dynasty. He defeated Kalabhras, Pandyas and Cholas.
He had the title of "Avanisimha" due to his victories.
Mahendravarma I succeeded Simhavishnu.
Narasimhavarma I, son of Mahendravarma, was the most prominent ruler of this dynasty.
During the reign of Nandivarman II the capital city of Kanchi was captured by Vikramaditya II, the Badami Chalukya ruler.
Nandivarma built Vaikunta Perumal and Mukteswara temple at Kanchipuram.
Aparajitha Varma was the last ruler of Pallavas.
He was defeated and killed by the Chola ruler Aditya I.
With this Pallava rule came to end in the south.
Pallava territories were occupied by the Aditya I.
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