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Kalyani Chalukyas

Western Chalukyas are also called as Kalyani Chalukyas as they ruled from the capital Kalyani.
Taking the advantage of weakness of Rashtrakuta rulers the feudatory chief of the Rashtrakutas Tailapa II defeated the last Rashtrakuta ruler Karka II in 973 A.D. and declared independence.
Tailapa II annexed Manyakheta in 973.
He had the titles of Ahavamalla, Bhuvanaikamalla.
He defeated Paramara Munjaraja and imprisioned him. When Munjaraja tried to escape from prision he was caught and hanged.
The rivalry between Paramaras and Kalyani Chalukyas became an obstacle for the expansion of Malwa kingdom.
Kalyani Chalukyas involved in the heriditary quarrels of Vengi Chalukyas and supported Vijayaditya VII to ascend the throne.
Tailapa II was succeeded by Satyasraya.
During the reign of Satyasraya, Kalyani Chalukyas expanded their territory upto Roddanadu.
Satyasraya was succeeded by Vikramaditya. Next to him Ayyana II and after Ayyana II, Jayasimha II ascended the throne in 1015.
Someswara IV was the last ruler of Kalyani Chalukya kingdom.
The rule of Kalyani Chalukyas came to end with the declaration of independence by the Kakatiyas.
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