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The Earliest Kalachuris ruled in the 6th and 7th centuries.
They ruled Malwa, northern Maharashtra, southern Gujarat and southern Rajasthan, with their capital perhaps at Mahishmati.
They built famous cave temples on Elephanta Island and also caves at Ellora
Krishnaraja (550-575), Sankaragana (575-600) and Buddharaja (600-625) were the known kings of this dynasty.
There were two later Kalachuri dynasties i.e. Northern Kalachuri dynasty and Southern Kalachuri dynasty.
Northern Kalachuris(northern branch-Kalchuri Rajput Clan) also called Chedi or Haihayas (Heyheyas).
The Northern Kalachuris ruled in central India with the capital at Tripuri (Tewar) near Jabalpur.
Kokkala I was the founder of this dynasty in 845 AD.
The most important rulers of this dynasty was Gangeyadeva (1019-1040).
He made the Chedis the "greatest political power in India."
Gangeyadeva was succeeded by his son Lakshmi-Karna.He was the greatest general of his times.
Vijayasimha (1177-1211 AD) was the last king of the dynasty.
This kingdom was conquered by Chandella Trailokyavarman.
Southern Kalachuris ruled parts of Deccan with the capital at Basavakalyana(Kalyani)
This dynasty rose to power between 1130 and 1184 AD. The first notable chief of the Kalachuri family of Karnataka was Uchita.
Krishna conquered Kalinjar and Dahala in Madhya Pradesh.
Bijjala(1156–1167) established the authority over Karnataka after wresting power from the Chalukya king Taila III.
Bijjala was succeeded by his sons Someshwara and Sangama.
A new sect known as Lingayat or Virashaiva was founded during this period.
Native form of Kannada literature-poetry called the Vachanas was also born during this period.
Virupaksha Pandita`s Chennabasavapurana, Dharani Pandita`s Bijjalarayacharite and Chandrasagara Varni`s Bijjalarayapurana were written.
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