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Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization also known as Harappa Civilization.
It was discovered in 1921-1922. It is earlier to Vedic Civilization.
John Marshal carried out excavations in the Indus region.
The first discovered site was Harappa.
The important sites of Harappa civilization are Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Dholavira, Lotha, Rangapur, Kalibhanga, Rupar, Banvali etc.
The main feature of Harappan Civilization was Town Planning.
This Civilization belongs to Metal Age.
Metal age began in 5000 B.C. during this age man used copper and bronze to make implements.
Dravidians were the founders of this civilization.
This civilization belongs to proto-historic period.
The ancient name of the Indus region was Meluha.
Harappa and Mohenjodaro were the largest sites of Indus Valley Civilization.
Many historians proposed different dates about the period of Indus Valley Civilization but the generally accepted period was 2300-1750 B.C.
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