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Guptas age was Golden-Age in Indian History.
Srigupta was founder of the Gupta dynasty.
Chandragupta I is the first prominent ruler in this dynasty. He ruled from 320-330 A.D.
Other prominent rulers of this dynasty were Samudragupta, Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya) and Skandagupta.
Pataliputra was the capital of Gupta empire.
There are 42 inscriptions are available for Gutas period.
Among them 4 inscripions belong to Samudragupta, 6 inscriptions belong to Chandragupta II, 14 inscriptions belong to Kumaragupta, 5 inscripitons belong to Skandagupta,7 belongs to Budhagupta.
The maximum number of inscriptions of Guptas period belongs to KumaraguptaI.
Kamandaka`s Nitisara ives information about Gupta empire.
Guptas patronised Sanskrit language.
Many of the Astadasa Puranas were written during the Guptas period.
Skandagupta repaired Sudarsana lake for the second time. First it was repaired by RudradamanI.
The Gupta empire came to end by the sixth century A.D as a result of Huna invasions.
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