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Warren Hastings

Warren Hastings:(1773-1785):
According to the regulation act, 1773 Warren Hastings the then Governor of Bengal was appointed as Governor General of Bengal.
He abolished Dual Government.
He made Calcutta as his capital and shifted the treasury of the company from Murshidabad to Calcutta.
He fought with Marathas, Mysore Sultans and Rohillas.
He introduced the system of auctioning the right of collecting the Revenue in Bengal and Bihar.
But it was failed.
He was the patron of Asiatic Society.
He established High court at Calcutta and Civil and criminal Courts at district level.
He controlled the sanyasi bandits who kindnap the Children.
The events that took place during his period are: Rohilla War; second Mysore War, first Maratha War, Nandakumar episode, Pitt's India Act, 1784; Foundation of Asiatic Society of Bengal.
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