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Early Vedic Civillization

Vedic culture fourished between 1500-600 B.C. Vedic Civilization is divided into Early and Later Vedic Civilization.
Early Vedic Civilization is also called as Rig Vedic Civilization.
Rigveda is the first and oldest Veda. It was composed during the early vedic period.
The original home of Aryans may be saptasindu or centra Asia or Arctic region or Tibet.
They probably enter into India through Khyber pass.
Aryans called Indus People as Dasyus. They fought with Dasyus.
Aryans first settled in India Sindh and Punjab regions.
The main ocupation of Rugvedic Aryans was cattle breeding. They know the agriculture.
Rigveda refers to Mujavant. Mujavant is one of the peaks of the Himavant. Himavant is a Himalayan mountain. The source of soma drink is Mujavant.
Aitareya Brahmana mentioned that the India was divided into five parts. Sapta sindu was the heartland of Rigvedic culture.
Rigvedic hymns were composed by viswamitra, Vashishtha, Arthi. etc.
The Rigveda culture was mainly pastoral.
The largest number of Rugvedic hymns are dedicated to Indra.
The God Agni is an intermediary between the gods and people.
Rig Veda tells about the Aryans when they settled in Sindh and Punjab regions.
Vedas were written in Sanskrit.
The language of Aryans was Sanskrit. From Sanskrit North Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi were originated.
The Sindh and Punjab regions were called by Aryans as Sapta Sindhu.
Rig Veda tells about the famous battle among the Aryan clans called Dasarajna.
Agriculture and cattle rearing were the main occupation of Aryans.
Soma and Sura were the two intoxicating drinks consumed by the Aryans.
Soma was consumed by the Aryans during the conduct of Yagnas.
Sura was the habitual drink of Aryans.
Sudas got victory against the confedaracy of ten kings in Dasaraja Yuddha.
The region watered by the five rivers of Punjab and Sindh and Saraswati was called Sapta Sindhu.
The chief Gods during the Early Vedic Civilization were Indra and Agni.
Indra was the water god and weather god during the Early Vedic Civilization.
Cow occupied a prominent place in Early Vedic Culture.
Indra was the God of War during the Early Vedic period.
Aryans worshipped Indra, Ushas, Vayu, Varuna, Aswins and Bhumi.
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