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Bahmani Empire

Bahmani kingdom was established in 1347 A.D during the period of Muhammad Bin Tughluq, the Delhi Sultan.
Bahmani kingdom was ruled by 18 sultans from Gulbarga and Bidar.
The founder of the kingdom was Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah (Hasan Gangu).
Alauddin hasan Bahman Shah defeated the forces of Muhammad Bin Tughluq.
The first capital of bahmani kingdom was Gulbarga.
Later capital was shifted to Bider.
Frequent wars took place between the Bahmani Sultans and Vijayanagara rulers for possession of raichur Doab.
Muhammad Shah III and Feroz Shah were famous Bahman rulers.
Muhammad Gawan, the prime minister was vary famous, who introduced many reforms and got stability in the kingdom.
Muhammad Shah IV was the last Bahman ruler.
Bahmani kingdom existed till 1518 A.D.
Muslims of Bahmani kingdom were divided into Iranians and Deccans, thereby the kingdom became weak.
At last, the kingdom was divided into five parts i.e. Ahmadnagar, Bijapur, Golkonda, Bidar and Berar.
The famous Mosque at Gulbarga was built by Feroz shah.
The rulers dug a number of canals and tanks for the purpose of irrigation.
Muhammad Gawan established a Madarsa at Bidar. It was a very famous educational institution.
The last ruler of Bahmani kingdom was Kalimullah.
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